RCMA No Colour Powder Review!

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I’m gonna be reviewing the cult favourite setting and baking RCMA No colour powder today. Ever since I heard Kathleen Lights mention it in her favourites, I wanted to try it out. I finally got it from UK and have been using it non stop since. I used to set my undereye concealer with the Ben Nye powder in Buff earlier but I havent touched that for baking ever since I got No Colour powder from RCMA. Read on to know more 🙂


Price- $12

Availability- Camera Ready Cosmetics, Love Makeup UK

So the RCMA no colour powder is supposed to be a setting powder that does not alter the colour of your base. It just sets everything in place without changing the colour of the concealer or foundation. My one problem with the Ben Nye powder in Buff was that after using it for Baking my undereye always looked a little unnatural and the colour was a bit warmer than I preferred. The best part about the RCMA powder is that it is white in colour and for me that provides a little bit of a highlighted look under the eyes. It does not look too ‘no colour’ on me and rather makes the concealer a little bit light. Honestly I dont mind it because it does such a good job anyway.


I used the powder with my beauty blender or any blending sponge that I am using to blend my foundation with. I feel it looks more natural and blends into the skin better if used with a damp sponge. With a brush, it sometimes kind of sits on top and does not set as well as a damp sponge does. I guess its all about personal preference. I usually use it generously under the eyes and a bit on the chin and let it sit for a few minutes before taking a fluffy brush and brushing all of the excess away. I wish the sifters in the packaging were a little bit smaller. So much comes out even if you gently tap it.


I am so happy with the baking technique for setting the undereye. I used to be so annoyed with creases under my eye and this method just sets it so well and my concealer does not budge all day long. The RCMA No colour powder is so finely milled and has no shimmer at all which is great. I think its an inexpensive version of the transparent finishing powder from MAC (Review here). It does the job pretty well. I sometimes even set my whole face using just this. It does not look cakey at all and mattifies the skin nicely. It causes no flashback which is perfect. I remember I used to use a powder from Flormar to set my undereye and it caused horrible flashback.


Overall, I just love this powder and I think if your concealer is giving you a hard time with the creasing then you should surely check this one out. The only problem is the availability in India but there are a variety of Instagram shops that can get you this powder very easily.

rcmanocolour2 rcmanocolour1


  1. Finely milled
  2. Affordable
  3. Sets concealer and foundation so well
  4. Good quantity
  5. Gives a nice highlighted and matte finish


  1. Availability

My rating – 5/5

Go get it already <3


12 comments on “RCMA No Colour Powder Review!

  1. Awesome review hun! And very timely. Have you used soap n glory kickass powder btw?

  2. Nice review yar.. Looking for it 🙂

  3. Nice review dear.. I’m using Laura mercier translucent setting powder, I liking it so far.. Is any difference has in RMCA powder?

  4. I so want to try this ..but is apprehensive about the white color. I am afraid it might look like talcum powder over the base makeup..i am afraid of the white cast… But your review is luring me to try this product even more …

  5. I never tried baking but your review is tempting me to try the product as well as technique 🙂

  6. guess what I asked my mum to get this for me and she got a sample size.. 🙁 I havent used it yet though but I want a full size alrdy

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