Revlon Colorstay foundation review- Warm Golden

Hey guys,
How you all doing? I am reviewing another of my foundations today. I have recently started looking into and purchasing foundations. I never really did use them before. This is a foundation that I ordered online based on its reviews and lets see how I liked it.

Price:- 800/-
Color:- Warm Golden

So let me tell you another of my experiences. Back in November, I was so inexperienced ( Yet, i thought I knew a lot) that I did not even get a proper foundation for my sister’s wedding. I just got a random match for my mom and used that one only on my face. Now that I see the pictures I realize my face is entirely a wrong colour, I look dark and a little bit too warm, ewww, wish I could go back to my old self and hand me some other bottle which matches me a lot better. I was so stupid, I should have rather gone to Mac and got myself matched. Anyways, lesson for the future, for important functions always predecide your makeup.

I really wanted to try the Revlon colorstay foundation since it is like half the price of a Mac one and is considered to be really good. I was just so confused about the colour that I never ordered. One day I finally did a lot of research and got myself the colour Warm Golden just based on the online swatches. The day my package come, I was like Oh shit! Its too light for me. But my mind asked me to give it another try and hence I did that and it did not look so odd the next time. So right now this foundation is my go to foundation for parties and day outs and all.

I still feel that the shade is lighter than what I need, I should rather have one colour darker. But it only shows up in flash photography, so that may even be because of the SPF in it. I am really confused. But over all I really like this foundation. It evens out my skin tone and is medium coverage, but you can layer it on for more coverage. And also what are concealers for.

The foundation applies very smoothly and is not patchy. I have the oily to combination skin combo and it really helps my face stay matte. Its actually matte and not dull lifeless sorts. So that is a good thing. It dries fast, so you need to blend fast too. Its also good to buff it in for a more natural finish.

I would have liked it even more, had it gotten a pump. I mean it would have made our life so much easier. Since its thick, it takes time to come out and the quantity ends up being more too. I have never had any breakouts using this. It does not have silicones, so if any one is allergic and breaks out due to them, then it is good for them.

The quantity is normal 30 ml. Shade matching is one of the big problems. I think it has been discontinued now because of the new Photoready range. I dont really like that one because it has shimmer in it. I liked colorstay better than that.

Here is the swatch:-


So in the end I have no idea how you can get it now since only a few shades are available online. I would like to try a shade darker than this one but bad for me its not available here now.

1. Long lasting
2. Mattifying
3. Medium to full coverage
4. Nice finish
5. Affordable as compared to higher end ones

1. All colours are not available
2. Reflects in flash photography
3. Dries quickly

So, Personally I do feel it is a really nice foundation to try. I have not tried Mac and all, so cant be really sure about how it compares to them. But if you guys want a decent coverage foundation and find the perfect match then this foundation is perfect.

My rating:- 4.5/5

Hope you all liked it 🙂

9 comments on “Revlon Colorstay foundation review- Warm Golden

  1. I have been wanting to try revlon colorstay but no shades matches my skin tone 🙁 i wish they had introduced all shades in india too 🙁

  2. I know. This is also forcibly matching my skin. More than 1 layer and it looks odd. Thank you for commenting Parita di 🙂

  3. I so wish they had all shades here in India… I'm using MAC now, and really happy with it 😀
    nice review, and the blended swatch on your hand looks good…!

  4. thank you. 🙂 i wish that too. They have even stopped these shades too 🙁 I am going to try Mac after this finishes 🙂

  5. I have this exact one and like you I feel no matter what I do it is still a tad lighter for my skin tone, what do you think is the next available darker shade in this? They have so few shades, I seriously whine about it!! I really like this one for my skin though.

  6. Hii.. even I really like this foundation. It is pretty good if only the shade selection was as good. I think the next is early tan I guess, but that has nt been introduced in India 🙁

  7. oh! early tan, ok…will ask someone to get it from abroad then. limited options here i say! 🙁

  8. Yeah i know! BAd Revlon people. 🙁

  9. Thou they get revlon photoready ….i dont understand y they had to stop revlon colorstay,.. its such a fab product.. anyway i got the revlon whipped creme n m in <3 with it…it works more like the original colorstay n better than photoready bcoz of no shimmers.. hey harman if u want one shade darker den try REVLON WHIPPED CREME in NATURAL TAN 🙂

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