The 20$ makeup challenge- The Indian version

Hey guys,

So this post was in my mind since so long but I was facing some serious internet issues the past few days so was nt able to post it. Today I finally did my 20$ ( 1100 INR) makeup challenge using most of the items that are available in India. I tag you all to do it, I would love to see your looks too. So here goes mine! 🙂
Products used:-
Lotus matte radiance foundation- Reviewed here. INR 175
Garnier tinted eye roll on- Also used in this look here. INR 200
Wet’n’Wild eye shadow palette- Walking on eggshells INR 150
Maybelline Colossal kajal- INR 140
Lotus herbals lipstick Peach creme- Reviewed here– INR 250
Oriflame beauty wonder lash mascara- Reviewed here– INR 180
All the products used.

Bare face without any makeup


I used the foundation on my face and the concealer under the eyes and on the eyelids because we are not using any eye shadow primer
My skin is even toned and the dark circles concealed. I did not use an face powder as I wanted to use a concealer. But you can skip the concealer and use some face powder from Maybelline or Oriflame, anything that fits the budget.


Using this Wet ‘n’ Wild palette for the eyes. The Eyelid colour on the eyelid, darker colour into the crease and the lightest one under the browbone and inner corner of the eyes


You can see that the eye shadow looks very natural but yet polished
Line the eyes using a Kajal. I m using the Colossal one which I specifically bought for this challenge.


So onto the next step, the mascara.



So this being done, the eyes are now complete
Next step is lipstick and blush. Since we are only supposed to spend 1100, I am using my lipstick as a cream blush.
The lips are done!
Now blend it by gently tapping the fingers
Also if you want you can use a little bit of Kajal into the eyebrows to give it a fuller look. But dont make them too artificial looking.
And we are finished! Here is the finished look. Hope all of you like it 🙂




Total cost- 175+199+150+140+245+180= 1095/-
So success!!
Let me know what you guys think with your comments! 🙂






















32 comments on “The 20$ makeup challenge- The Indian version

  1. U look so fresh and pretty harman! Gorgeous!

  2. You look so pretty 🙂

  3. Lipstick as blush? Super cool 😀 You look great <3

  4. Thank you guys <3 🙂
    I m glad all of you like it

  5. very well done! the lippie looks amazing!

  6. how is the lotus matt foundation coverage Harman ?
    Is it very sheer ? or medium ?

    Is it better than ponds tinted moisturiser ?

    Willing to buy but cannot make up my mind cos of the coverage…

  7. neva thought we can take $20 challenge .. cuz cosmetics here in india r too expensive comparatively .. but u changed it all .. look amazing .. i m constant follower of ur work .. ur gr8 .. and i like ur dressing sense .. and ufcz makeup sense too 😀 .. i have seen gals know nothing on youtube .. and feel so embarrassing .. wish u start ur videos thr .. will be the first 1 to subscribe :))) .. this shade of lipstick would b my 1st attempt towards lotus, .. thnx to u !!

  8. pretty….pretty…luv the challenge….

  9. I absolutely LOVVVEEE your lip color!

  10. u look tooo cute..w/o make up also

  11. @Preetha Karthik- Thank you so much 🙂
    @Shourima- Thank you 🙂

  12. @Kanak5678- Hi Kanka. Actually the coverage is good. It gets sheer if you use it with a sponge, but otherwise it is medium and evens out the skin tone very well. The coverage is definitely more than the Ponds TM and is matte too 🙂 Hope this helps

  13. @Niviya giri- Thank you so much 🙂 It means a lot to me. 🙂 I had to give a lot of thought about the products I was gonna use coz I dint want to use some bad brand or something 🙂 Hopefully one day I ll want my own youtube channel too <3 Thanks for commenting

  14. @Renji Anooj- Thank you so much:) I have tried following you on your blog so much , theres always some error. I dont know why!

  15. @Peachesandblush- Thank you so much Mehak! You should get it too. I really love your blog. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  16. @Preethi Prasad- Thank you 🙂 I dont know why I rarely like my close up no makeup pictures :-/

  17. Thats a fab look…and a challenge well completed 🙂

  18. u look fresh and lovely. I am loving that peach on ure lips. How wud u rate Lotus Herbals lipstick?

    and wow 20$ for all this,, These days its hard to find a decent lipstick also in that amount.

  19. @Bhumika- Thank you so much 🙂

  20. @SJ- Thank you 🙂 I would say that the lipstick is definitely a 4 on 5. Its too creamy but goes on well and lasts long 🙂

  21. Can you tell me where you got ur wet n wild palette from?

  22. Hey Sharin! This palette is from USA. Sadly WnW is not available in India

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