The Everyday Winged liner!

Heyy Girls

Happy November! Cant believe 2015 is almost over. Feels like yesterday it just started 😮 There is so much more I wanted to do this year, where has it gone!


Today I am just sharing some pictures of an everyday winged liner look. I got the Maybelline Gel liner from the Amazon sale and since then I cannot stop using it. I love doing a winged liner. It gives that nice sultry look. This one is so intense and lasts for ages. Me likey everything!

Completely off the topic, have you decided what you will wear for Diwali? I am so blank. I want to do one or two festive looks if my skin stays eczema free 🙂

Anyways let me know what you think of this winged liner. I was very happy with the results!


jenith4 jenith5

P.S I am wearing OLens India Jenith 3 in Sky Gray here. Love the colour!

See you all soon!


8 comments on “The Everyday Winged liner!

  1. oh my have done your eyes beautifully :*

  2. I love wearing winged liner <3 Your eye makeup is beautiful!!

  3. Awwww!! Your eyes!! Totally stunning they are looking. Loved the winged liner! :-*

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