Traditional Punjabi Outfit of the Day!

Hey Everyone

Sorry I have been missing from the blog and youtube since sometime. I was very busy with Diwali festivities at work but I generally make sure to keep posting to my Instagam and Facebook accounts so please follow me there if you want to see more makeup and outfit pictures (I have both linked to my blog on the right hand side). Also please subscribe to my Youtube channel if you haven’t already. I am still experimenting with different lights and angles so the quality may differ from day to day but my channel already has two videos that you can watch (Youtube username is Harman Beauty). Anyway coming on to today’s post- we had four day long Diwali festivities at work. One of those days we were supposed to dress in Traditional outfits. Since I am Punjabi I just had to take that opportunity and dress as Punjabi as I could.


I got this pink suit made a while ago but only got a chance to wear it once. I got Plain Silk fabric and got this gotta (pakhi gota and simple one) added to the bottom of it. I paired it with my Blue and pink fulkari dupatta and wore my Punjabi jutti as well. The Punjabi jutti is from Amritsar. For some reason I dont find them very comfortable but I love how they look though.


My earrings are called Lotans- so you mainly have these round domes and you can change the threads hanging at the bottom to match your outfit. The tikka is the same gold tikka that you must have seen in a lot of posts already. Since we were dressing Traditional I just had to wear a Paranda (the thing on my braid). I love the colour Baby Pink or any kind of pink in general. I am a big pink lover 😀


I hope you like this look. I personally loved dressing in traditional wear for a change. I wish Diwali lasted even longer than this. I am kind of sad it is over and all the pretty lights in everyone’s houses and in the stores will now be taken down 🙁 Also I wish people stop using Crackers this much. The environmental damage is too much plus it is soooo scary for our furry friends. I feel so bad for them for going through this. Please be thoughtful and celebrate a noiseless Diwali.


See you all soon <3


11 comments on “Traditional Punjabi Outfit of the Day!

  1. Nice Outfit. I love love love your Phulkari and Punjabi Jutti. Great effort in dressing up as a Punjabi Girl 🙂 You look Gorgeous.

  2. great outfit….looking very pretty…and you look stunning as always. I love everything about this look except earrings…. <3 <3

  3. oh u look so gorgeous harman..I love the parandi and mang tika on u 🙂

  4. love your outfit Harman, you look beautiful! whats on your lips? such a lovely colour 🙂

    Aditi |

  5. You look so pretty…Love your outfit..but the maang tikka is the one who snatched the limelight off… 😉

  6. Oye hoye punjabi kudi… looking gorgeous :*

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