VLCC HairFall Repair Shampoo and Gentle Hydrating Face Wash Review!

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Today I’m gonna be reviewing the last two VLCC Products from the gift hamper that I got from the brand a few weeks ago. If you have missed the previous posts check them out here and here. I used to use a lot of VLCC products in the past especially their face washes and facial kits but somehow I just forgot about the brand a bit until recently. I am so pleasantly surprised by their products. I loved their Day cream which I have reviewed here. It is so nice and hydrating on my skin and I love it. Let’s move on with today’s reviews though 🙂

VLCC Gentle hydrating face wash1

Price- 255/- for the shampoo and 225/- for the face wash.

Availability- Amazon, Nykaa, Snapdeal for the face wash. Amazon, Nykaa for the shampoo

VLCC Hair Fall Repair Shampoo-

This VLCC shampoo has Hibiscus extract and Coconut oil both of which are great for the hair. I have recently started taking nice care of my hair hence I am always looking for products to keep it healthy. I had a lot of hair fall the last few months due to which I have lost quite a lot of hair especially in the crown area. I have been using this shampoo along with other hair fall control products to get it under control.

VLCC Gentle hydrating face wash2

The shampoo sadly Dimethicon and SLES but is atleast free of any Parabens. It is just so hard to find a shampoo in India that is affordable and free from these chemicals. The shampoo is milky white in colour and lathers and spreads nicely. It takes out all of the oil and dirt in the first wash only but I still shampoo twice because sometimes I oil my hair before wash and all of the oil does not come out with only one wash.

My dermatologist said that I have a condition called Telogen Effluvium due to which I had been having a lot of hair fall. Sadly, just using the shampoo with other hair products did not control any hair fall for me as the problem was kind of internal. But since this shampoo is very affordable and has a good quantity I don’t mind it. It didnt work because of my hair condition but it may work for you so give it a go if you want 🙂

VLCC Gentle Hydrating Face Wash-

Now let’s move on to my favourite thing from VLCC apart from the Collagen cream ofcourse which is their gentle hydrating face wash. My skin as you know has eczema due to which it tends to get very dry after washing my face especially if I wash it with some face wash that contains soaps or other not so gentle ingredients.

VLCC Gentle hydrating face wash3

 This face wash is also milky white in colour and does not lather or foam up too much and removes all the makeup and dirt from my face. The best part is that my face does not feel stretchy or rough afterwards. It feels smooth and hydrated. I am in love with this face wash. I think it is a great product for those with dry or extremely dry skin. It has never aggravated my eczema and also gets rid of any oil and dirt. What more could you want from your face wash.

For me the best thing about VLCC as a brand is that it is Cruelty free which is great. I think we all should be more compassionate about animals and choose cruelty free products always. If some brands can do without testing things on animals then why not others?!

Overall, for me the entire VLCC range especially their gentle hydrating face wash was a big hit and I look forward to trying out more products from their range.


  1. Cruelty free
  2. Affordable
  3. Face wash does not dry out the skin
  4. Shampoo contains no parabens
  5. Does not aggravate eczema


  1. Shampoo contains Dimethicon and SLES

My rating – 3/5 for the shampoo and 5/5 for the face wash.

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  1. thanks for the honest review lovely! i have to check out the face wash now 😀

    Aditi | https://lifeasaditi.wordpress.com

  2. I have used the face wash and I love it. Very nice review Harman 🙂


  3. I am always in the look out for hydrating face washes, will check the VLCC one

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