Wise She Eye Makeup Brushes Review!

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Hope everyone is well. I think I am writing on this page after a good few months. Currently my professional life is so busy that blogging has taken a back seat. I hope one day I am able to balance everything better and contribute time to my blog as well because when I do start writing I really enjoy it and it feels great to pen my words down here. If you are not following me already, please follow me on Instagram as I am more regular there so you can keep in touch and see my looks 🙂 Today’s post is on Wise She Eye makeup brushes. Being an ardent eye makeup lover myself, this post I think will come in handy for a lot of makeup enthusiasts.

Availability – Amazon, link here and here


Price – Currently 600/- for each set

Coming to the price point, 1200/- for 4 high quality brushes is a really great deal. There are 2 brushes in each set. The crease brushes have one fatter, rounder brush and the the other is more slender and thinner but still round. The Flat brushes have one brush that resembles a smudge brush and the other is like a fluffier shadow brush. I use three of these in the crease and one to smudge eyeshadow.




The brushes are made of cruelty free pony hair. Their bristles are really so soft. I was very impressed because I often find a lot of brushes are very scratchy on my sensitive eyelids but these worked great. I really enjoy the softness of the bristles. The bristles pick up the right amount of product and blend it very well. I have washes my brushes once and there was no fall out. The quality of these as per me is comparable to Sigma. There was no change in the feel of the bristles after washing the brushes, a lot of them usually start feeling more scratchy after you wash them.


The Pro Crease brush is perfect for depositing colour in the crease of your eye and then you can use the Pro Domed Crease brush to blend it out as it is more fluffy. I sometimes use the Pro Domed Crease brush to apply a transition shade to my crease and then follow with darker colours on the pro crease. Also the Pro Domed crease can be used for the outer V of your eye as it picks up a lot of colour with it.


Coming to the Pro Shadow and the Pro Smudge brushes – the Pro Shadow brush I use mainly for the outer V and the crease as well as I think it is great to get more colour pickup in that area compared to the blending brushes. The bristles are a little fluffy for me to use it for eyelid shadow as I like that colour to be really intense and this provides more of a softer finish. For me this is a perfect dupe of the Sigma E25 brush which is my go to when it comes to eye makeup. It fits in really well in the outer v and the lower crease. I even use it to apply shadow under my lashline. The Pro Smudge brush is a densely packed, smaller bristles brush which is perfect for the lower lashline. It smudges out your liner or darker shadows so well and is not at all scratchy or rough which is perfect.


I think these brushes are such good value for money and are great to have in a beginner as well as a pro makeup artist’s stash. As per me, if Wiseshe can add a flat eyeshadow brush, cut crease brush and a pencil brush this collection would be complete. Those are all the brushes you would require to complete your eye makeup look. I am very very impressed by the quality and the softness of these and would completely recommend you all to get these if you are in the hunt for good eye makeup brushes. I love the overall quality of the brushes as they feel very high end yet come at an affordable price point.


I recommend these brushes to you all. I love them <3


  1. Soft
  2. No shedding
  3. Sturdy handles and packaging
  4. Pickup colour well
  5. Easy to use
  6. Affordable
  7. Densely packed bristles allow more colour pickup


  1. None really for these. Just want more styles to be added to the brand

Rating – 5/5

See you all soon <3


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