Yadah Brow Tattoo Gel – Ash Brown Review!

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Today I’m reviewing a different kind of a product. This is something that I never thought I would try until I actually did. Lately there has been a big trend of peel off makeup. Videos of people trying them are everywhere on Instagram and Youtube. I will be honest, I wasn’t expecting this to be too great but I love it. If you have light, almost no brows or you’re looking to make yours look darker then this is the product for you. Read on to know more about it.


Price – $11.98, currently on sale for $9.58

Availability – BBCosmetic here

BBcosmetic is a Korean beauty and makeup site which offers a wide range of products and free shipping. This tattoo gel was the second thing I got from their site. The first product I ordered were three lipstains which I will review as soon as I can get lip swatches done. I never made a big order so I wasn’t charged any Customs. Even the thought of paying big fat customs scares me. The delivery was so quick. My first order took about 2 weeks to arrive because of a Public holiday in Korea and the second arrived in just a week. I am so impressed by their shipping and delivery.


Coming onto the actual product, the Yadah Tattoo gel I have is in the Ash Brown shade which is the darkest colour. When you open it, it looks like a thick dark black gel. You are supposed to brush your brow hair in place and then go over with this gel in the direction of your brow hair. Peeling it is just the opposite. Start peeling it off in the direction opposite to your hair growth.


The Yadah tattoo gel is meant to be left on for atleast 1 hour before you remove it but I prefer keeping it on overnight and peeling off the next morning. You are not supposed to use any water on the tinted area for 24 hours. Believe me, you should not. Clean your face with a cleanser or something. I once used water within 8 hours and most of the tint washed away. So best is to keep it on overnight and then cleanse your face avoiding the brow area and without using water for atleast 24 hours. Only then would the tint last about 5-6 days.


When I peel off the tattoo gel, I am left with much fuller looking brows. It stains the skin dark brown which fills in any gaps that I have and since the Yadah Gel in Ash Brown is a darker brown shade, they do not look very harsh at all. The brows look so natural and fuller. The first time I used it, I kid you not, I was like WOW! This is awesome. And the tint literally lasted for about 5 days. Ofcourse every day it faded a little bit but it was way better than my natural brows.


I think this would be so perfect if you are traveling and want your brows to look polished and full. You don’t have to do touch ups, just use the tattoo gel a day before and voila, you are all set! If you watched my most recent Youtube video, you will see this gel in action. I had filmed on about the 3rd day of putting it on and the brows still looked so natural and full.


I used this on my mother and it she loved the effect as well. It made her scanty brows look so much nicer and thicker. If you notice closely, the colour has a little bit of a red undertone but it’s only noticeable in certain lights otherwise you can see in below pictures, it looks perfectly good.

Up until now, I just thought oh the brow tattoos are for people with lighter brow hair or very little hair but boy was I wrong. I absolutely love the Yadah brow tattoo gel and I highly recommend it to all of you who hate filling in your brows or don’t have the time to do it. I think this would be perfect for a no makeup, makeup look.




With the Gel





After (without and with flash)


  1. Not too dark or harsh
  2. Easy to use
  3. Affordable
  4. Tint stays on for 5 days atleast
  5. Great shipping and delivery
  6. Would suit most Indian skintones


  1. None for me

My rating – 5/5



P.S Product sent by brand, honest and unbiased review after trying the product out for a few weeks

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